John David Malcolm Bandoian
May 8, 1946 - Feb 11, 2005


BANDOIAN, J. David Malcolm
Passed away suddenly at "Riverside" on Friday, February 11, 2005.
Predeceased by his mother Ann and sisters Bonnie and Madeline he will be lovingly remembered by his beloved wife and best friend Sylvia; Remy, Lucy and Lois; his father John (Ann); sisters Maryann, Rita and Georgina (Art); brother-in-law Ken; mother-in-law Betty, sisters and brother-in law Holly (Jermey), Bill (Nicole), Ruth-Ann and Maggie (Olaf); spirit brothers Don and Gary and numerous nieces and nephews.
In lieu of flowers, friends who wish may make donations to David's favorite charity - "Our Lady Di", benefiting Breast Cancer Research - in care of CIBC in Sooke (6679 Sooke Road, BC).

"Always and Forever, plus 3 days".

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Guest Books

by  Shannon Auringer

Had such a presence when around.
A sense of humour not often found.
In his heart he loved us all, from niece and
nephews great and small.
His sisters had a special place,
you could see the pride across his face.
His mate, his woman, his partner in life,
she was his world, his heart, his wife.
Now too young too soon he's gone.
Off to heaven he's just moved on.
Yes he's passed but alone he's not,
He is loved, will be missed and never forgot.

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David, Gary and Don have been best of friends (spirit brothers) since 1955

Don, Gary and David - 1990 (The 3 Musketeers)
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Don, Gary & David - 2000

David - 2000

David & Remy
(Click on Picture to hear David talking to Remy on the phone)


David & Gary 1962

Don, Sylvia and David 2004

David in the early 70's

On May 8th, 2006 Gary and Don Celebrated David's 60th Birthday
with him and sent him off in style.  His glass holds some of his ashes
and his favourite drink, Scotch of course. During our childhood we
spent many summer days at the Lagoon making rafts, crabbing,
fishing and exploring Fort Rodd Hill.

Party Hats, Scotch and a makeshift raft


The Lawnmower Story

By Georgina Bandoian (Our Little Sister)

It was many years ago when Art and I were staying at Riverside for our annual vacation. David had been transferred to Kelowna and we liked to take Oakley “back to his roots” a few times a year since we had adopted him from David while he was in Kelowna .

I was all set to enjoy a day of maxing and relaxing. It lasted about 15 minutes and I was bored out of my mind. Art had gone off on his bicycle to Jordan River so there wasn’t anyone to play with. So I thought to myself, David’s lawn needs to be mowed and he’d probably think it was great if I did it.

So I put on my gumboots (yup the real thing, they used to belong to my nephew Shane, but he outgrew them); went under the house and pulled out the lawn mower and proceeded to start it up and start backing and forthing across the front lawn.

This went pretty well, sure was hard work and the lawn didn’t look that big before I started mowing it. I couldn’t understand David’s fascination with mowing his lawn, but I carried on bravely. I did think the power bar on the lawn mower was especially cool and was beginning to understand David’s LOVE for his lawnmower. I am NOT exaggerating; he LOVED his lawnmower with a passion.

At that time the lawn by the river wasn’t quite as beautiful as it is now. You had to go down a couple of crooked steps and then there was another little piece of lawn. I thought to myself if not actually out loud “Well I can’t NOT mow that bit too” and wondered how the heck was I going to get the lawnmower down there. Then I wondered, what would happen if I hit that power bar and the lawnmower went straight into the river?

That thought lead to the next one, “When I’m done mowing the lawn I’ll phone David and tell him I’ve done it, then ask him if his house insurance would cover his lawnmower.” This was too good to ignore. I finished the task, the lawnmower safely back under the house and I head in to make the call.

“Hi, it’s me how’s it going?” He says things are OK and what’s up. I said "Well I’ve just finished mowing your lawn and it looks great. He said “You didn’t have to do that” and I said "Well I wanted to, BUT you know that area of grass down by the river at the bottom of the steps … he goes "Yeahhhh …. I said "Well you know the power bar on the lawnmower …. He goes "Yeahhhh …. I said "Would your house insurance cover the lawnmower if it ended up in the river by accident?

TOTAL SILENCE. Then “What the hell did you go down there for, you’re too small to carry the lawnmower, why did you do that?  The lawn could have waited until I got there, is it still in the water?"

This was priceless and the story behind this one is this:

Way back in the 70’s when David and I lived in the same apartment block in the west end of Vancouver , David phoned me at about 6:00am on April Fool’s Day, it was a Saturday. I had a girlfriend staying over for the night and she answered the phone. We had been up quite late the night before drinking and smoking and partying. She came into my bedroom and said “There’s someone on the phone for you”. So I dragged my butt out of bed (no they didn’t have cell phones then) and took the phone in the living room.

I hear “Is this Georgina Bandoian?” I said yes. The voice said “This is the city coroner calling and we’d like you to come down to the morgue and identify the body of your brother David” ….. I thought I was going to pass out. Then I hear this bird chirp in the background … now it took me a second to figure it out since I wasn’t fully awake yet and realized it was David and that was his cockatiel Skippy in the background.

I was instantly furious and yelled into the phone “DAVID YOU ARE A F***ING ASSHOLE” and hung up. My girlfriend said “I thought you were going to faint, your face went completely white.”

So to make a long story short.. I got him back didn’t I??? After he stopped yelling at me about the lawnmower I said APRIL FOOL’S.  I FINALLY GOT YOU BACK !!!! and he knew EXACTLY what I meant.

It was beautiful.