February 21, 1969 - July 8, 1998

Fondly loved and deeply mourned,
Heart of my heart we miss you so,
Often, my son, my tears will flow,
Dimming your picture before my eyes,
But never the one in my heart that lies.
The stars seem to dim as I whisper low:
My own darling boy, we miss you so!"
By Richard Lepinsky
Between the getting up and lying down
My days and nights around the town.
Between the coffee breaks and the meals,
The busy workdays with business deals.
Between the red lights driving in the car,
Are memories of rides with you that took us far.
Between the child and adult in me,
Are rememberances of your youth I see.
Between my thoughts and feelings mode,
Your memories are in me - to lighten the load.
Between the moments and minutes, we've known,
All the happy times and the tears.
Between the visits to your resting place,
I know you are in the Silent Space.
Between all my life's activities,
Is the Silent Space filled with You, My Son.
And in that Silent Space are
Our strings of togetherness, making us One.