My Family Tree

The family tree I have here includes both my father's side (Little) and my mother's side (Crowe).

The source of information for my father's side has come from family members but mostly from a book researched and written approximately 50 years ago by George E. Little and my mother's side was researched and provided by my uncle Robert Crowe.

To all my family, ancestors and descendants I am trying to research my (our) 'Roots' and will continue to update this list as I come across more information.  Hopefully you will be able help me complete this list.  I would also like to add photos as well.  So if you can send some along I would really appreciate it.  If you are unable to scan and e-mail the photos I will return, upon request, all photos snail mailed to me.

There are a few reasons as to why you may not find yourself on this list.  One, I haven't gotten that far yet. Secondly, you haven't given me the information. Or, I don't know you exist.

Check out my Family Tree and see if I have you there and that I have it correct.

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