July 10, 1998

Dear Mike,

Some people are like comets. They streak through our lives in a flash of excitement, love and awe. Then they are gone, never to be seen again, although we think of them often. Comet-like people cannot be held onto or controlled. They need to keep moving, lighting up yet another sky. Sadly, some comets die too young, and we miss them and grieve deeply their absence. But we know that each comet person who has left the Earth at a young age exits in a burst of light that remains for the good of those left behind. A comet would never want us to mourn its disappearance. So comet people want us to remember the joy they left behind and to allow the love we had for them continue to grow, blessing others in its path.

Just a little note to let you know we’re thinking about you here…. Way out here on the East Coast. I want you to know I’m looking after Dad, he needs all our strength right now. I can only be there to talk with him on the phone and give him imaginary hugs! Jason is helping Dad as well. Mike, please watch over him from up above (wherever you may be?!?) sit with him, give him comfort and let him feel the strength that you’re able to give him now. We deeply miss you….

Alexis is your pride and joy, we all know that. It is so apparent in your eyes, in your smile when you talk about her, and seeing the two of you together. She is a very special little girl Mike. I want you to know we will all love and protect her for you. I will take it on as a personal crusade to see she knows her father, she sees the pictures, and hears the stories!!! Her and I share something special, while we both lost our fathers at a young age, we have something even more special in common… you! She will know her Aunt Michelle, and I will do everything I possibly can for her.

We can’t think about the times we wont’ have together but look at all the wonderful memories we have of you. You’ll live on in those memories and in your darling Alexis.

When I look up in the sky, I know I’ll see another radiant bright star Mike… I know that will be you, shining down on all of us. We miss you terribly. I hope you have found your peace Michael.

Here today, gone tomorrow … never forgotten.

Love your sister,



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