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1star.gif (1653 bytes) The Little Clan

2star.gif (515 bytes) Mom and her Boys - My father was awarded the Korean Conflict medal posthumously in 1992.  This picture is of me, Mom and my brothers.  While I received the medal on behalf of my father I was overcome with emotions that to this day are still un-explainable.  I thank my mother, sisters and brothers for allowing me this honor.

2star.gif (515 bytes) Mom Presented with the Queen's Golden Jubilee Medal

2star.gif (515 bytes) My Parents

2star.gif (515 bytes) My Sisters and Brothers

3star.gif (517 bytes) Susan        3star.gif (517 bytes) Wendy     3star.gif (517 bytes) Doug     3star.gif (517 bytes) Ken

3star.gif (517 bytes) Gordon      3star.gif (517 bytes) Jim           3star.gif (517 bytes) Darrell