Index for surnames beginning with W (Family Pages)
[Walker, Alfred] - [Wright, Robert]

Individuals marked with a red dot are direct ancestors of Donald David Little


[Walker, Alfred] - [Wright, Robert]
[Wright, Robert] - [Wry, Ronald]

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Walker, Alfred
Walker, Archibald
Walker, Archie
Walker, Charles
Walker, Charles
Walker, Constance Margaret
Walker, Daphne
Walker, Davida
Walker, Davida
Walker, Dora
Walker, Drusilla
Walker, Egbert
Walker, Elizabeth
Walker, Ernest
Walker, Geoffrey
Walker, George
Walker, George
Walker, Gordon
Walker, Henry
Walker, Jean
Walker, Jean
Walker, Jean
Walker, Lynnwood
Walker, Malcolm
Walker, Margaret
Walker, Marilyn
Walker, Neil Barry
Walker, Norma
Walker, Richard
Walker, Robert
Walker, Robert
Walker, Robert
Walker, Roy
Walker, Russel
Walker, Russell
Walker, Sarah
Walker, William
Walker, William
Walker, William
Walker, William
Walker, William Bruce
Wallace, Jean
Ward, Beulah
Ward, Doris
Ward, Eddie
Ward, May
Wardle, John Pilot Raf( d. 1945)
Wardle, John James
Wardle, Richard
Wardle, Susan
Warman, Alvin
Warman, Dorthy
Warman, Earl
Warman, Eva
Warman, Gordon
Warman, Grace
Warman, Helen
Warman, Isobel
Warman, Jane
Warman, Judith
Warman, Lillian
Warman, Pauline
Warman, Rhea
Warman, Richard E.
Warman, Stanley
Warman, Thelma
Warren, Alvin
Warren, Della Freda (b. 1961)
Warren, Eileen Patricia (b. 20 SEP 1969)
Warren, Elizabeth
Warren, Emmerson Ernest Girvan (b. ABT 1929 - d. 26 JAN 2003)
Warren, Gladys
Warren, James
Warren, Lorraine Glenna (b. APR 1957)
Warren, Marven Jed (b. FEB 1962 - d. APR 1981)
Warren, Mary (b. ABT 1856)
Warren, Maud
Warren, Maud
Warren, Penelope Ann (b. 1960)
Warren, Raymond Emmerson (b. 1958)
Warren, Sheila Edith (b. AUG 1955)
Warren, Wanetta Patricia (b. MAR 1954)
Washington, Roberta Leila
Watson, Albert
Watson, Edward James
Watt, H.
Watts, Gordon
Watts, Hartley
Watts, Lynn
Weafer, Charles Whittaker
Weafer, Margaret Eleanor (b. 03 MAR 1929 - d. 15 FEB 1991)
Weafer, William David
Weatherby, Beulah Ida (b. 1922)
Weaving, Jean
Weaving, Joan ( d. 12 AUG 1966)
Weaving, Joyce Patrica
Weaving, Kenneth ( d. 16 DEC 1994)
Weaving, Marjory (b. 15 JUL 1927)
Weaving, Ralph (b. 02 FEB 1889 - d. 01 MAR 1954)
Weaving, Raymond
Webber, A.
Wesselink, Geri (b. 22 DEC 1960)
Wesselink, Henry
West, Annie
Weston, Frances
Whatley, Alice Louise
White, Anna Louise
White, Fred
White, Henry
White, John
White, William
Whitehead, Jack
Whitehead, Marilyn Joan (b. 13 MAR 1948)
Whitman, Albert
Whitman, Dianne
Whitman, John
Whitman, Philip
Whitney, Christopher John
Whitney, Craig Ralph
Whitney, Elizabeth Jane
Whitney, Fearon Ruth
Whitney, Joan Louise
Whitney, John
Whitney, Leslie
Whitney, Mary Elice
Whitney, Pamela Jane
Whitney, Ralph
Whitney, Richard
Whitney, Roslyn Ann
Whitney, Ross
Whitney, Ruth
Whitney, Sharon Lee
Whitney, William
Whitton, Katherine June (b. 23 NOV 1971)
Wilkinson, Cameron Michael (b. 07 JAN 1983)
Wilkinson, Gary
Wilkinson, Jacob Tyron Christopher (b. 31 JAN 2003)
Wilkinson, Jennica
Wilkinson, Jessika Taylor Carissa (b. 09 AUG 2005)
Wilkinson, Kailah
Wilson, Barbara
Wilson, Charles
Wilson, Elizabeth (b. 13 NOV 1865 - d. 04 OCT 1921)
Wilson, Elizabeth (b. ABT 1832)
Wilson, Frederic
Wilson, Grace
Wilson, Harry
Wilson, John (b. 04 AUG 1838)
Wilson, Leonard
Wilson, Marjorie
Wilson, Richard R.N.
Wilson, Robert
Wilson, Ronald
Wilson, Wayne
Wilson, William
Wintemute, Alexander William
Wintemute, Colin Scott
Wintemute, Douglas Earl
Wintemute, Drew
Winters, Olive
Withers, Robert
Withers, Robert
Withers, Steven
Wolfe, Jessie
Wollanger, Albert
Wollanger, Ronald
Wood, Allen
Wood, Annie
Wood, Carol
Wood, Clifford
Wood, Dora
Wood, Grant
Wood, Grant David
Wood, Joan Elaine
Wood, Lois Anne
Wood, Melbourne
Wood, Michael
Wood, Robert Frederick
Wood, Rodney Allen
Wood, Ronald Austin
Wood, Walter
Wood, Wayne
Woodman, Steven
Woodman, Steven
Woods, Beatrice
Woods, Lorette
Woods, Pearl
Worcester, Donald
Worcester, Grace Katherine
Wright, Erin Elizabeth (b. 03 AUG 1983)
Wright, Frank Norman
Wright, Inez
Wright, James
Wright, John
Wright, John
Wright, Kyle Patrick (b. 06 DEC 1985)
Wright, Mildred
Wright, Norman Alexander (b. 05 JUL 1957)
Wright, Robert

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