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[Webber, A.] - [Brown, Audrey]

Individuals marked with a red dot are direct ancestors of Donald David Little


[Webber, A.] - [Brown, Audrey]
[Brown, Audrey] - [Lutes, Austin]

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A. Webber
Aaron Mervin Robinson
Abbott Johnson
Abby Little
Aben Robinson
Aben Robinson
Aben Spencer (b. 1891)
Ada Eliza Matthews (b. 11 FEB 1890 - d. 22 JUL 1944)
Adelard Pinette
Adele Murphy
Adelia Mariam Jane Cail (b. 21 MAY 1904 - d. 02 FEB 1998)
Adelia Cail
Agnes Caroline Fulton
Agnes James Crow (b. 16 NOV 1868)
Agnes Brown
Agnes Laskey
Agnes Lawson
Agnes Morris
Agnes Murphy
Agnes Schofield
Agnes Shiels
Alan Gorley
Alan Hudson
Alan Hudson
Alba Freestone
Alban Collette
Albert Victor Smith
Albert Beers
Albert Fearon
Albert Finethy
Albert Gadsby (b. 01 FEB 1901 - d. 1992)
Albert Kenney
Albert Spencer
Albert Watson
Albert Whitman
Albert Wollanger
Alberta Little
Alberta Ogden
Alden Brown
Alec Christopher Little (b. 22 SEP 1976)
Aleck Glencross
Alex McKay
Alex McKinnon
Alex Reading
Alex Reading
Alex Smallwood
Alexander William Wintemute
Alexander Gibbs
Alexander Gibbs
Alexander Little (b. 1772)
Alexander Robinson
Alexis Lorraine Moller-Little (b. 09 DEC 1996)
Alexis Noelle Adduno (b. 03 OCT 1997)
Alexis Beveridge (b. 02 NOV 1974)
Alfred Glencross (b. 1879)
Alfred Hudson
Alfred Milanese
Alfred Robinson
Alfred Walker
Alice Doreen McKenzie (b. 09 MAY 1923 - d. 04 NOV 1955)
Alice Louise Whatley
Alice Adams
Alice Beers
Alice Cassiday
Alice Finethy
Alice Hyde
Alice Little
Alice Livingstone
Alice Ort
Alice Sawyer
Alice Tym
Alison Laing Miller (b. 1893 - d. 1985)
Alison Laing (b. ABT 1830)
Allan Kelly (b. 1955)
Allen Budd
Allen Butcher
Allen Girvan
Allen Little
Allen Wood
Allison Campbell
Allison McKinnon
Alma Cochrane
Alma Little
Almeda Little (b. 1887)
Althea Little
Althea Morris
Alvin Dowell
Alvin Spencer
Alvin Warman
Alvin Warren
Amanda Howells
Amelia Scott
Amy Lynn Little
Amy Baker
Amy Brown
Amy Cochrane
Amy Spencer
Anah Dee Oliver
Ancil Colbourne
Andrew Bigley
Andrew Bigley
Andrew Fitzpatrick
Andrew Girard
Andrew Glencross (b. 1841)
Andrew Glencross
Andrew Hudson
Andrew Hudson
Andrew Little (b. 24 DEC 1878 - d. 03 MAY 1930)
Andrew Little (b. 28 JUL 1815 - d. 17 SEP 1854)
Andrew Little (b. 1881 - d. 1940)
Andrew Little (b. 1796)
Andrew Little (b. 1853 - d. 1933)
Andrew Little
Andrew Little (b. ABT 1855)
Andrew Robinson
Andrew Robinson
Andrew Smith
Andrew Spencer
Angela Knock
Angela Toneguzzi (b. 10 DEC 1960)
Angus Christopher Little (b. 21 JUL 1892 - d. 17 OCT 1927)
Angus Reid
Angus Reid
Angus Reid
Anita Hudson
Anita Pinette
Ann O'Connor
Anna Louise White
Anna Burns
Anna Hollingsworth
Anna Hornbrook
Anne Budd
Anne Girvan
Anne Little
Anne Robinson (b. 1846 - d. 1899)
Annie Edwards Spinney
Annie Maud Little (b. 1890 - d. 1925)
Annie Ray Fulton
Annie Atkinson
Annie Beck
Annie Bigley
Annie Blackwood
Annie Budd
Annie Budd
Annie Bulmer
Annie Cail
Annie Cail
Annie Dole
Annie Fearon
Annie Glencross
Annie Kelly
Annie Little (b. 1847)
Annie Little (b. ABT 1929 - d. 2001)
Annie Little
Annie Little
Annie Reid
Annie West
Annie Wood
Anson Hudson
Anson Little
Anthony Glencross
Anthony Hudson
Anthony Kenney
Anthony Little ( d. 1924)
Anthony Pinette
Anthony Steeves
Archibald Walker
Archie McEacheron
Archie Reid
Archie Walker
Ardis Meyers
Arlene Brown
Arlene Fenwick
Arlene Morris
Arlene Richard
Arnold Budd
Arnold County
Arnold Dunn
Arnold Glover
Arnold McWilliams
Arnold Savoy
Arthur Irving Grant
Arthur Allman
Arthur Batson
Arthur Batson
Arthur Crossman
Arthur Harvey
Arthur Lawson
Arthur LeBlanc
Arthur Little (b. 1889)
Arthur Lunch
Arthur Maguire
Arthur Maguire
Asa Mitton ( d. 09 AUG 2004)
Ashley Marilyn Little (b. 18 NOV 1994)
Aubrey Hudson
Aubrey Hudson
Aubrey Steeves
Audrey Eleno Little (b. 20 FEB 1952)
Audrey Brown

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