Index for first names beginning with G (Family Pages)

Individuals marked with a red dot are direct ancestors of Donald David Little


Gail Elaine Robinson
Gail Congram
Gail Little
Gail McCarthy
Gail McDougall
Gail McEacheron
Gail Paradis
Gail Robinson
Garland Glencross
Garnet Clark
Garnet Hudson
Garth Hudson
Garth Robinson
Gary Clifford Robinson
Gary Beers
Gary Glencross
Gary Glencross
Gary Harvey
Gary Hudson
Gary Leaman
Gary Little
Gary Little
Gary Little
Gary Lutes
Gary McArthur (b. 1948)
Gary McDougall
Gary Paradis
Gary Peterson
Gary Robinson
Gary Smith
Gary Smith
Gary Wilkinson
Gene Renton (b. 25 NOV 1919 - d. 28 MAY 2007)
Gene Taylor
Genevieve Little
Geoffrey Smith
Geoffrey Walker
George Allan Burns
George David Steeves
George H.A. Robinson Rev
George Wilson (Pat) Crowe (b. 17 MAR 1929)
George Banks
George Cassiday
George Colbourne
George Crossman
George Crow (b. ABT 1894)
George Crumb
George Dunn (b. 1876)
George Fenwick
George Gate
George Hudson
George Hudson
George Hudson
George Hudson
George Lawson
George Lawson
George Little
George Little (b. 1867 - d. 1906)
George Little
George Little
George Little
George Little
George Little
George MacLean
George McDougall
George McWilliam
George Murphy
George Reid
George Robinson
George Robinson
George Russell
George Smith
George Spencer
George Thompson
George Thompson
George Turnbull
George Walker
George Walker
Georgena Leger
Georgie Lawson
Georgina Alice Fulton
Gerald Brian Little (b. 24 SEP 1951)
Gerald Aubry
Gerald Colbourne
Gerald Little
Gerald Little
Gerald Pollard
Gerald Robinson
Gerald Spencer
Geraldine Susan Umakoshi (b. 12 NOV 1959)
Geraldine Aubry
Geraldine Brown
Geraldine Brown
Geraldine Hurd
Geraldine Murphy
Geraldine Sullivan (b. 1964)
Gerard Cote
Gereen Fay Little
Geri Wesselink (b. 22 DEC 1960)
Gerogena Little
Gertrude Arseneau
Gertrude Budd
Gertrude Burns
Gertrude Cochrane
Gertrude Colbourne
Gertrude Hudson
Gertrude Little
Gertrude McCallum
Gertrude Murphy
Gertrude Roberts (b. 1952)
Gertrude Smallwood
Gertrude Steele
Gideon Savoy
Gilbert Leger
Gisselle Antal (b. 1963)
Gladys Beauchamp
Gladys Budd
Gladys Deschamp
Gladys Hudson
Gladys Little
Gladys Warren
Glen McDougall
Glenn Congram
Glenn Graves
Glenn Smith
Glenna Lawson
Glenna Little
Gloria J. Beers
Gloria Brown
Gloria Burns
Gloria Garner
Gloria Hudson
Gloria Kelly
Gloria Lovering
Goldwyn Oppertschauser
Gordon James McLean (b. 06 MAY 1916 - d. 31 OCT 2003)
Gordon Lang Caldwell
Gordon William Little (b. 18 JUL 1956)
Gordon Beck
Gordon Brown
Gordon Colbourne
Gordon Davidson
Gordon Gallagher
Gordon Gaudin
Gordon Glencross
Gordon Horsman
Gordon Hudson
Gordon Lang
Gordon Little
Gordon Little
Gordon Little
Gordon Martin
Gordon Morris
Gordon Munday
Gordon Robinson
Gordon Thompson
Gordon Walker
Gordon Warman
Gordon Watts
Grace Katherine Worcester
Grace Butler
Grace Cail
Grace Carney
Grace Connors
Grace Hudson
Grace Little
Grace Robbins (b. 04 FEB 1951)
Grace Robinson
Grace Warman
Grace Wilson
Graham Dunn
Grant David Wood
Grant Brown
Grant Smith
Grant Wood
Gregg Little
Gregory Joseph Donald Fortes (b. 06 JAN 1970)
Gregory Colbourne
Gregory Gourley
Gregory Jamieson
Gregory Ostap
Gregory Sherwood
Gregory Smith
Gregory Smith
Greta Colbourne
Greta Gallagher
Greta Spencer
Gretchen Little
Griszelda Doherty (b. ABT 1795 - d. 13 JAN 1846)
Griszelda Reid (b. 28 OCT 1862 - d. 04 SEP 1938)
Gwen Lipsey
Gwen Renton
Gwen Sherrard

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