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Individuals marked with a red dot are direct ancestors of Donald David Little


[Cail, Adelia] - [Crowe, Lance Stewart]
[Crowe, Margaret Purnell Miller] - [Cusick, Terry Richard]

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Cail, Adelia
Cail, Adelia Mariam Jane (b. 21 MAY 1904 - d. 02 FEB 1998)
Cail, Annie
Cail, Annie
Cail, Bonnie
Cail, Grace
Cail, Joanne
Cail, Joe
Cail, Sara
Caldwell, Francis Mae (b. 24 JAN 1953)
Caldwell, Gordon Lang
Caldwell, Katherine Jean (b. 23 DEC 1972)
Caldwell, Keith Gordon (b. 10 DEC 1944)
Caldwell, Nancy Lynn (b. 08 NOV 1948)
Caldwell, Ryan Keith (b. 09 MAR 1978)
Calhoun, Cindy
Calhoun, Donald
Calhoun, Donald
Calhoun, John
Calhoun, Kathleen
Cameron, Mae
Cameron, Ruby
Campbell, Allison
Campbell, Beatrice Ann
Campbell, Elaine
Campbell, Irene
Campbell, John
Campbell, Murray
Campbell, Wareham
Cane, Shiela
Carmichael, Eileen
Carmichael, Elton
Carmichael, Estella
Carmichael, Forrest
Carmichael, Helen
Carney, Grace
Carroll, Theresa
Carruthers, Ben
Carruthers, Benjamin
Casey, Brian Mark USN CPO(b. 07 AUG 1962)
Casey, Dan
Casey, Kathryn Anne (b. 18 FEB 1992)
Casey, Mary Elizabeth (b. 19 APR 1995)
Cassiday, Alice
Cassiday, George
Cassiday, Ralph
Cassiday, Wayne
Cataris, Audrey
Cataris, Carol
Cataris, Peter
Chapman, Bessie
Chapman, Doris
Chapman, James
Chapman, Jean
Chapman, Jeanette
Chapman, Jennie
Chapman, Margaret V. (b. ABT 1883)
Chapman, Ola
Chapman, Sylvanus
Chapman, William
Charter, Doris
Charter, Wayland
Childs, Christopher
Childs, Jane (b. 1832 - d. 1924)
Childs, John Graham
Childs, John Lewis (b. 10 MAY 1943)
Childs, Joseph (b. 1806)
Childs, Lloyd Jerome (b. 17 FEB 1913 - d. 21 MAR 1975)
Childs, Nancy
Childs, Stephen
Christie, Violet
Cochrane, Alma
Cochrane, Amy
Cochrane, Caroline
Cochrane, Emmerson
Cochrane, Faye
Cochrane, Fred
Cochrane, Gertrude
Cochrane, Hazel
Cochrane, Jane
Cochrane, John
Cochrane, John
Cochrane, Kenneth
Cochrane, Lester
Cochrane, Lizzie
Cochrane, Margaret
Cochrane, Mayme
Cochrane, Murray
Cochrane, Myrtle
Cochrane, Serena
Cochrane, Wayne
Cochrane, William
Cochrane, William
Cochrane, Winnifred
Colbourne, Ancil
Colbourne, Bertha
Colbourne, Beverly
Colbourne, Blanche
Colbourne, Carol
Colbourne, Cheryl
Colbourne, Daphne
Colbourne, Edna
Colbourne, Edward
Colbourne, Emily (b. 1883)
Colbourne, George
Colbourne, Gerald
Colbourne, Gertrude
Colbourne, Gordon
Colbourne, Gregory
Colbourne, Greta
Colbourne, Hardy
Colbourne, Hazel
Colbourne, Henry (b. 1887)
Colbourne, Hinson
Colbourne, Howard
Colbourne, James (b. 1879)
Colbourne, Jane (b. 1877)
Colbourne, Jeanne
Colbourne, John
Colbourne, John (b. 1843)
Colbourne, John (b. 1875)
Colbourne, Kenneth
Colbourne, Linda
Colbourne, May (b. 1889)
Colbourne, Myrtle
Colbourne, Paul
Colbourne, Pearl
Colbourne, Ralph
Colbourne, Ruby
Colbourne, Stewart
Colbourne, Thomas (b. 24 SEP 1881)
Colbourne, Vera
Colbourne, Wayne
Colbourne, William (b. 1885)
Colburn, Peggy
Cole, Rosemond
Collette, Alban
Collette, Doreen
Colville, Hazel
Comeau, Irene
Congram, Eric
Congram, Gail
Congram, Glenn
Congram, Ross
Connors, Grace
Coolen, Katherine Anne (Katie) (b. 16 MAY 1963)
Coombs, Shannon
Coombs, Stephen
Coombs, Vincent
Coons, Eula
Cooper, Carolyn
Cooper, Donald
Corner, Frances
Cote, Gerard
Cote, Robert
Cote, Suzanne
Crocker, Penelope Margaret (b. 04 DEC 1948 - d. 16 SEP 2007)
Crockett, James
Crockett, Margaret Evelyn (b. 1926)
Crooks, Marjorie
Crossman, Arthur
Crossman, Elizabeth
Crossman, George
Crossman, Joy
Crossman, June
Crossman, Michael
Crow, Agnes James (b. 16 NOV 1868)
Crow, Betty
Crow, Elizabeth Stenhouse (b. 23 JUN 1891)
Crow, George (b. ABT 1894)
Crow, James (b. 22 AUG 1855)
Crow, Joan (Nan) (b. ABT 1892)
Crow, John (b. 22 OCT 1857 - d. 24 OCT 1920)
Crow, John Wilson (b. 1888)
Crow, May
Crow, Robert
Crow, Robert (b. ABT 1828)
Crow, William (b. 1890)
Crowe, Barbara Elizabeth (b. 23 JUL 1955)
Crowe, Carlee Taylor (b. 16 MAY 1991)
Crowe, Cassandra Fallon (b. 09 APR 1996)
Crowe, Catherine Ann (b. 21 APR 1958)
Crowe, Charlotte Marjory Elizabeth R.N.(b. 01 MAY 1956)
Crowe, Christopher Robert Henry (b. 14 AUG 1984)
Crowe, Clifford Wilson (b. 20 OCT 1950)
Crowe, David Ian USN CPO(b. 28 DEC 1959)
Crowe, Devona Margaret (b. 17 DEC 1948)
Crowe, Erica Lee (b. 25 MAR 1974)
Crowe, Erin Elizabeth (b. 25 SEP 1971)
Crowe, George Wilson (Pat) (b. 17 MAR 1929)
Crowe, Ian Robert (b. 08 JUN 1990)
Crowe, John Allen Capt.CAF(Air)(b. 17 OCT 1947)
Crowe, John Barrett (b. 12 JUL 1971)
Crowe, John Robert (b. 24 APR 1993)
Crowe, John Wilson Capt.T.B.F.D.(b. 13 MAR 1922 - d. 17 AUG 2009)
Crowe, Kelly Kathryn (b. 26 SEP 1963)
Crowe, Lance Stewart Cpl CAF (Land)(b. 06 JUL 1968)

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